Friday, March 9, 2012


 A new job, Spring, getting a little energy back.... thinking about getting back to wax and carving.. Thinking about what is next and how to move forward. How to feel visible and creative... more to come....

This past Winter, much to my chagrin I came to accept that it was physically impossible for me to not only make new work but also to maintain my work in the shop and Foundry Lane in Portland, and thrive in my new position as the Palliative Care Access RN at MGH.  Then there is the mom and wife pieces of life that I was needing to juggle much too much. So I took my work from Ruchi's beautiful shop so she did not have to look at dingy silver anylonger, took down my tired window display and packed away the mushrooms.   I received a letter that Foundry Lane was closing.  This was sad, as I was so proud to be included in Jenepher Burtons beautiful gallery in Portland.   After a bit of time,  I have come to appreciate the closing (from my narrow perspective only) as a blessing.   More so than ever before, I feel that my time is precious. I have decided to simplify.  I want to use my stolen moments to delve into projects that interest me regardless of if I think a piece will sell. I do not want to worry about the practicality of such pieces. That is one of the vast benefits of being a nurse. The point of all that is to let you know you can check out my work on etsy. Or on my person. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Open Studio Morning!

Rise and shine, its 5am.  Still have lots of bits and pieces to put together.  There are always a bunch of things I cant get to and I am starting to see that it is endemic to this type of event. .. just the sense of it being your one big chance to put your best foot forward.   That special someone may just walk in and love all of your work! If you don't have every last thing done you are letting yourself down......great feeling......

Anyhow, we had a great time chatting while setting up. Ruchis husband, Mike P, came to help and our friend Hoay.  My husband stayed with my sick son at home so I could get stuff done. We drank a little wine and had a chance to visit while we worked.  We are all so busy it was nice to have to be in the same place for a little while with no children.  

The shop looks beautiful. Moss seems to be a theme we have both gravitated to this year without prior conference.   Our own spin on the woodland creatures and toadstools I suppose.

Well fingers crossed! And wish me luck.

Thursday, December 8, 2011